Apr 21, 2015

It was an April morning when they told us we should go, how could we say no? With all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had... Oh to sail away, to sandy lands and other days, to touch the dream, hides inside and never seen. Into the sun, the south, the north...

Hey folks!
I'm torn between procastinating and therefore posting or finally studying for my absolute final exams. I will graduate in two months, isn't that totally crazy? I have my first big test in exactly eight days and have not studied nearly enough as I should have done. To post or not to post, that is the question.
Well, we all know the answer. The weather is amazing, how could anybody bear staying inside to study?! I spent the whole day outside wrecking my wreck-this-journal, studying like half an hour and then returning to happier things like food. I've really been in need for a relaxed day lately - school is putting so much pressure on me, it's horrible. However, next monday will be my last day of school in all my life. I don't even know how to put it into words, it is a strange situation as I should be kinda melancholic and extremely happy but actually, I am just so bored by the lessons and stressed by studying all afternoon which is an even weirder combination. Right now, it's a mixture between feeling guilty for not studying, feeling slightly melancholic but happy at the same time because the sun never fails to cheer me up (I don't know why I don't seem at least slightly happy in the pictures, though).

To much talking about my life again - I hope you don't mind. Well, I dressed according to my current mood pretty schizophrenic in black and white. Now, let's please take a second to take a deep breath and appreciate this jacket. It's basically the most perfect jacket humanity has ever seen, right? How genius is this design?! I love the clear, basic look combined with the beautiful face. The fabric is also perfect and - it still gets even better - it was only four euros!
I wear some random black shirt and also a skirt which I sewed a couple of weeks ago. It's black velvet, which I really like. The flower crown is lilac, which happens to be a color I normally avoid, but I still love flowers of this color and so I created this little crown together with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. The socks are my sister's, but they're Happy Socks, how could I resist borrowing them?
This outfit really summarizes my current asthetic - black, white, graphic designs and a flower crown. Basically the perfect look if you're extremely tired in the morning because you don't have to open your eyes while choosing your outift, as everything will go well together.

I really am in love with this jacket.

In other news, I have been to the Autralian Pink Floyd Tribute Show! AAAH! It was incredibly, like, otherworldly incredible! The use of the approximately one thousand lights was so accurate and amazing, especially when they played "Shine on you crazy diamond" - which they actually played in full length ( one third of the entire concert, basically!). Also, at one point during the concert, a giant pink kangaroo appeared on the stage and the teacher from Another Brick in the Wall, and, wow, I have no words to tell you how amazing it all was.
It also was quite funny, because my boyfriend and I were the youngest people there - by far. I guess my taste in music is slightly different than the average teen, haha.

It definitely was an unforgettable experience and I am still totally in awe when I think of how great it was. Such a great birthday present!
Anyways, I hope you are having a lovely spring!

Lots of love,


Mar 24, 2015

All the modern things like cars and such have always existed - they've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment, listening to the irritating noises of dinosaurs and people dabbling outside...

Hey there.
I'm pretty proud of myself as I am right now writing a post for the second time a month. I guess March was a good month - very stressful, though. I had to write eight tests in school, plus having rehearsals for a play last week in which I had the main part. And, of course, my birthday! I'm seventeen now.
Besides the fact that I now can quote Bowie "I'm seventeen and my looks can prove it" and sing Dancing Queen for a reason, I'm not allowed to do anything I wasn't allowed to do before. Being a minor is really stressful to me, as I've always wanted to be an independent person which I can't only because of that stupid number that is age. However, I think seventeen is a very exiting age - it's somehow the final change from teenager to adult, or at least to a teenager who is supposed to be adult. It sounds nice, I guess.
I had a lovely birthday, by the way! I spent it with my family and friends, and as I mentioned last post, the weather was great and therefore my mood was, too. I got some really really cute presents which I'm going to integrate in a future post but there's something extremely exiting I've got to tell you. I am going to see the Australian Pink Floyd Cover Show this weekend with my boyfriend! PINK FLOYD, you get me?! I'm so very excited and happy about this!

Getting back to fashion now, because you probably want to hear that rather than me talking about me.
I am wearing two of my very favorite items: First, the socks. I bought them last year from Hot Sox, and they are incredible, right? There's The Scream by Edvard Munch on them and it's obviously awesome to wear such a wonderful work of art on your feet.
Second, I am wearing this T-shirt I made a few weeks ago: My personal Keith Haring interpretation. To be honest, I've never liked his stick figures, not at all, until last year when I finally learned more about him personally and about his art, too. I was amazed of how politically active, inspiring and revolutionary he was. And I made friends with his stick figures. I really love that T-shirt, because the stick figure is drawing the line which is exactly my awkward kind of humor.
I'm indeed mixing some very different artists in one outfit - but that's okay to me, as I have extremely different interests so when wearing your personality in an outfit, why not incorporate what seems contrary? Am I not kind of contrary by myself?
Wow, philosophy. Anyways, I am also wearing a denim dress I bought quite a while ago for three euros, I think. The shoes are also (quite) new, but they look worn already. I don't like snowy white sneakers, I think they need some kind of dirty character, if you know what I mean. On my dress are two badges: One with Kurt Cobain on it, the letters on the other one read "Art is hard" (which it is, especially if you have to do a ten pages paper for Art lesson in two weeks).

There's also an unusual amount of orange in this outfit - I normally don't wear orange because my skin tends to look like a corpse's one when doing so. But how could anybody resist wearing The Scream on socks? 
Here's some ~artsy~ inspiration which I thought matched this post quite well.
Keith Haring.
David Hockney.

Tumblr. The one below as well.

Well. I'll probably never get better at ending a post properly. 
I hope you're all fine (and by the way, thank you so much for reading my blog. Each and every one of you makes me utterly happy) and having a nice week/month/year so far.

Lots of love,

Mar 9, 2015

The less we talk the more I understand, our names are written all over that road - let the magic unfold, remove the rear view mirror, eye of the hurricane, paste permanent sunset all across the window pane.

Hello fellow human beings!
I'm so exited! The air smells like spring - finally. I have been longing for the sun since December, basically. Today was the first sunny day in ages, so I spent the entire afternoon outside, crafting, procastinating and enjoying the rays of the sun on my face. I'm the kind of person whose mood really depends on the weather - which leads to the rather unpleasant fact that I'm in a bad mood almost the entire winter. However, nothing can bring me down as long as it's sunny outside. I've been extremely stressed lately, just overthinking everything like three times and getting mad about the smallest things. Therefore, because I always dress according to my mood, I have been wearing a lot of black lately. But now, I think I will wear more colors again - brighter, spring-y-er clothes. I started this weekend by making a flower crown! It has been way too long since I last made one, but I bought a huge bunch of fake flowers, so there will be more flower crowns from now. I chose some lovely pastel flowers to match spring.

Also, as you may have noticed, I've been getting really into modern art. I made this tee two weeks ago with a friend of mine. We met in the afternoon and spent almost the whole night listening to music and painting the t-shirts we had bought before, so it was quite a lovely day! Anyways, it shows some of Pablo Picasso's doodles - some are oneliners, which I've been drawing on every surface within my reach (although they're really easy to draw, mine always look like scary mutants... ) . But I think the tee turned out quite nicely! My collection of t-shirts keeps growing.

Take a closer look now - can you spot the flamingo on the shirt? To match it, I'm wearing these shoes which were sent to me by the lovely people from Rocket Dog. Although I usually don't wear slippers, I really adore the super cute flamingo print on them.

Besides that, I am also wearing a dress from Etsy as a skirt and a thrifted white collar.
Actually, I planned a lot of other posts already - so be prepared for a lot of art and fashion.
As said earlier, I'm really into art lately. I started a journal project about artists, and also I'm obsessed with my Wreck this journal which is literally the best thing ever, it's so much fun! I've also been crazily collecting clothing related to artists, which you are all going to see sooner or later at this blog, obviously. I've also been sewing and crafting a lot. Mostly to escape the pressure putting boredom that is the last year of school (actually the last few weeks. Oh gosh ).

Yay for art.
In other news, I'm writing for a German online magazine called Hildegard, which is really lovely - you should check it out. Even more important is the fact that there'll hopefully be a ROOKIE MEETUP in Germany! So, German Rookies, please drop me an email at "birdiewearsatie@web.de" and you can join. I'd be so happy if it worked!

Well, I hope you liked this post and wherever you are reading this, I hope it's sunny outside (poor Australians).

Lots of love,


Feb 10, 2015

March of flowers - March of dimes, these are the prisons, these are the crimes, sound of thunder, sound of gold, sound of the devil breaking parole. Ricochet - It's not the end of the world!

Hello, lovely people!
Take a wild guess who inspired me today. That was pretty obvious, right? It's David Bowie, the god of Glam Rock, music in general, actually and of course he was and still is the god of fashion. All the glitter, all the amazing shapes of his stage costumes, his makeup (!), and the mere ability of him to reinvent himself again and again. He went from a androgynous beauty to a glittery, freaky alien, to a gentleman in pastel-colored suits. And he always - no exceptions - looked amazing. He is incredibly inspiring, and has always had a great influence on me when it comes to letting my freak flag fly, trying myself out fashion-wise, being all glittery and alien-esque.

And just as he wouldn't be a god just because of his style, he's also one of the greatest musicians of all time. I'll use a quote from the Space Oddity album to describe his sounds: "personal and universal, perhaps galactic, microcosmic and macrocosmic" - in any possible way incredible. His voice is so unique and makes me shiver a bit every time I hear it, and on top of his melodies and voice - the lyrics are hauntingly beautiful! Currently, his song "Changes" fascinates me the most. I guess it's because of the upcoming change in my life, which is graduating. But the happiness in this song always cheers me up when I get anxious about the future.

Actually, I have done a post about David Bowie already. But I thought I should also honor his style with an outfit inspired by him. And this is it, obviously. I am wearing my beloved iridescent boots, which really remind me of astronauts and therefore of Major Tom and therefore of David Bowie, so they matched perfectly with the galactic vibe I was going for. The jeans jacket is handmade, just scroll down a bit for details. I haven't been able to put it off ever since, so you're going to see this jacket a lot from now on. The flower crown is also handmade and I totally overwear it - but somehow, I don't feel properly dressed without a crown! And the bigger, the better. Well, the most recognizable garment in this outfit is probably my T-shirt. I bought a white shirt in the men's apartment today and spent the entire evening sitting on the floor, occasionally dancing a bit and listening to David Bowie's "The next Day", a Best Of album I own, and the record of Space Oddity. How I love this record. I bought it at a fleamarket about a year ago and one can only imagine my enthusiasm when I saw the record - of course I had to buy it. Unfortunately, somebody has drawn Bowie a beard on the front cover, but he still looks awesome.

I have this habit that every time I get obsessed with a person, a era or anything else, I begin to collect a huge bunch of stuff related to my obsession. I have collected at least ten things related to David Bowie, some of them are here in this post. These are the two records of him I own - Space Oddity and Let's Dance. My favorite songs on these are Memory of a Free Festival and Ricochet, though the version of the former is different than the ones you can find on youtube - and frankly, it's way better on the record. 
I also did this super cute mini shrine dedicated to the King of Glam Rock, which I made inside a cassette box. Contains a lot of glitter, lyrics, a close-up of his two different eyes and other pictures.

I think this sums up my obsession quite well.
This blog is basically transforming into a fan girl diary, right? But that's fine - there's still fashion!
I hope you have liked this post - and just tell me what Bowie means to you.

Lots of love,

Jan 19, 2015

Like a photon, like a shower of yellow flames - if she could only catch up with the riding rhythm of things, of her own electrons, then she would be at rest - If she could forget school, climb the tree, be the tree, burn like that.

Hi and hello, dearest readers of this blog. I managed to do two posts in one month.
Today's post is written in honor of - and inspired by - Frida Kahlo. There are flower crowns, a lot of portraits and even socks with her face on them (seriously! Socks!). And there may be a lot of fangirling.

Frida Kahlo, this unbreakable yet so sensitive woman has fascinated me for quite a long time. Ever since I found out about her in a few great Rookie articles and in art class, I could not stop thinking about her. After reading a lot of articles, a biography and watching the incredible movie (if you haven't seen it yet, stop reading immediately and do it) I feel like I kinda got an overview. I haven't figured her out at all, though, and I believe nobody ever will - but I have found out what she means to me, especially her art and her way of living. Besides her wonderful art, the thing about Frida which matters most to me is her strength. I mean, her accidents were the worst, and Diego Rivera, her husband who didn't care too much (or at all) about being faithful, was not that much better, either. Still, she resembles pure joy as well as deepest pain in her paintings.
But her strength was not only about surviving her accident and her many operations, but also about being a communist woman fighting for her rights and for her opinion. She did not care about other's conceptions about art (especially not about Paris) and was so proud of her origin, namely, Mexico. The roots which are a often-used symbol in her works resemble that kind of connectivity between a woman and her home.

Well, of course we also need to talk about her style! After all, this is a very random fashion blog.
The thing most people recognize first about Frida Kahlo is her eyebrow. There only is one. She was known for even darkening it/them with a brow pencil, celebrating her uniqueness. This kind of eyebrow kinda breaks with all the rules you have learned when it comes to fashion - so that's definitely a reason for her being my idol. She also wore a lot of flower crowns, which is, in my opinion, just as the fact a reason to really like a person. You know me and my love affair with flower crowns. The best thing about her crowns is that she always took fresh flowers which are even better than fake ones, obviously. And another trademark of her fashion style is the traditional native clothing. She wore long, flowing, huge skirts for covering her thinner leg, but also because it was cultural heritage of her (on her mother's side). That involved bright, vivid colors, big necklaces and earrings, incredible embroidery and a lot of other amazing stuff.
So let's summarize: Embroidery, colors, flower crowns and unique rebellion against fashion rules?! How perfect?!
Therefore, I channeled her in this outfit. I have been wearing this in all variations a lot lately, as it makes me feel like a queen. I am wearing the giant red flower crown I made last year which I love a lot and totally overwear. I also wear some black tights, black platform shoes from Asos and a black tee from my sister. The red skirt was ordered from the internet a few months ago.
And, the real star of this outfit, the denim jacket. I literally searched for a proper fitting one with a nice color for over two years - and then I finally found one in December! For fifty cent! I was so happy. Today I finished customizing it with patches, my hot glue gun and badges. Painting Frida Kahlo on the back took a few days, and it definitely was not easy to paint on denim, but I am pretty happy with the result. There are also fake flowers glued on the back which is nice. I tried to put everything I like on one jacket which did work out at least a bit. There's art, and there is music, there's Wes Anderson and there's weird biological stuff (whatever).

I LOVE customized denim jackets! They're are my choice on basically everyday, as they are not only comfortable but also give you a super good feeling since you are actually surrounded by what you love! Wearing what you love - isn't that great? That's why I'm so obsessed with band shirts, or fan clothes of any sorts. Anyways, I am very happy with the jacket and I think I'm going to wear it forever.

In other news: I OWN FRIDA KAHLO SOCKS! These, to be exact. I'm in love. And I will definitely wear them in another post.

Well, this was a long post! I'm always amazed how awkwardly I am still ending my posts after two and a half years of blogging experience. And about how awkard photographing myself in front of my door still feels.
Well. Tell me what you think about Frida.

Lots of love,


PS: Thank you so much for all the sweet comments I have received recently. You are the best.

Jan 3, 2015

They walk in the sky so near and so high, they're stopping for none, and when the day's done they agree that the sea is the best place to be wondrously free.

Happy new year! We all can be pretty proud about having survived another 365 days on earth, I really consider this a success. The problem with turn of the year is this choice between looking back and looking ahead - best of 2014 vs new year resolutions, basically. In fact, I have done both. I had an amazing year: a few festivals, amazing journeys and great conversations with great people. But 2014 was also A LOT about school. Which was not so nice as it kinda drove me crazy in the course of events. 2015 will be even more stressful, though (the endless joys of the German A-Levels). Therefore, my new year resolution is basically surviving without going crazy and then dealing with the after-school-life (which seems so real and near and oh my...) properly. We'll see how it works out.
Besides that, it also was Christmas! yay! I had a lovely holiday in spite of being ill and because of that, cuddling up in blankets the entire day. My family and friends gave me the sweetest and most perfect presents. Some of my favorites are pictured below:

1. I am sherlocked tote. I am so sherlocked. My boyfriend gave it to me which was so cute :)
2. Mach dieses Buch fertig. This is the German version of Wreck this journal. I started it today and had so much fun (although I accidentally almost burned the entire book). It's so cool, and if you haven't done one yet, go get one! It's worth it and it definitely inspires you to be more creative.
3. Endless river by Pink Floyd. Oh my, Pink Floyd! Truly genius. There's only one song with lyrics on it, and the songs kinda blur into another - endlessly, you know? It's so beautiful.
4. Faust. The most famous and perhaps best German play by Goethe, recorded in a great theater near my hometown. I love theater, so that's amazing!
5. A book about Salvador DalĂ­! Art! Yay! There are some ridiculously funny anecdotes collected in it, among with a lot of paintings.
6. THIS IS A PIZZA PILLOW. My sister is a genius. She made it by herself!
7. Giant, extremely cozy and fluffy shirt. This wasn't a christmas present, actually. It was a gift by the lovely people of Bayrisches Fernsehen (Bavarian TV channel) who did a TV thing about me! I WAS IN TV. You got me? In TV. Me. And my blog. So if you have always wanted to see me talking, walking, awkwardly smiling - this is your chance. You can watch it here. It's in German, obviously, but anyways :) There's Bowie music in the background!  I look better in real life.

I have been blogging for two and a half years now and still did not manage to take nice outfit pictures! It's always pretty awkward. And this white door accidentally got my trademark. I swear, there's not a single white wall in our house where you could get a nice neutral background!
I wore clothes today. Namely, my beloved Rookie shirt. Unfortunately, it has holes and stains which won't fade after washing it approximately three hundred times. I still cannot resist wearing it, of course! The black skirt is actually a little black dress. I can't tell where the tights are from. Black tights are always just there, sort of. Then they rip and then they are mysteriously there again. At least it's like that with me. I kept the entire outfit pretty simple and clear, to draw attention to my socks. Avocado socks, my pals. I love food. I ordered them a few weeks ago in a lovely store called the sock drawer. It's the cutest online store on the internet, I swear! They wrapped it all cute with yarn and wrote a thank you note for me. I ordered three pair of socks, all of them will appear sooner or later on this blog. I'm quite obsessed with cute socks, I have two pairs with pandas and one with unicorns and frilly ones et cetera. Aren't avocado socks the best invention ever?!
Look at this, so cute!
Well, I hope you're all fine.
I'm the worst at writing a proper end for a post.

Lots of love,


Dec 3, 2014

I don't know why I'd rather be dead than cool, I don't know why every line ends in rhyme, I don't know why less is more, love is blind, I don't know why - God is gay!

Attention: before you start reading, click this link and listen to the song while reading.

Hey lovelies!
Life's crazy. Ever since I have been featured on Buzzfeed.com in this "teen style icon" post, I can't even tell you what's happening. The local newspaper wrote an article about me and my blog (page one, guys!), featured me on their website and boom, that was my official "outing". Most of my friends knew about this blog, bu I've always enjoyed how anonymous the internet is - now everybody, like, everybody knows about my blog. And actually, people are being really lovely! I've got tons of positive feedback and supercute compliments and congratulations. But it's not over yet - I'm doing a interview on the radio this week, and a entire photo set plus interview with another magazine! I almost feel famous, it's so weird (in a freaking awesome way!).
Besides that, school kinda sucks. Because of the overwhelming amount of deadlines and pressure I am basically stressed all the time. To get rid of the constant worries (such as: I messed up this important test. I am going to mess up the next important test tomorrow. I won't get a job. I'm not even able to live on my own.) I'm trying hard to get more of a I'm-young-I-don't-care-attitude. So what could be a better soundtrack to my life than Kurt Cobain's wonderful voice?
My family gave me a Nirvana album for Christmas last year, which I lost and found again in my room like two weeks ago. I've been listening to it constantly since then. Most people say listening too much Grunge music makes you unhappy or depressed, angry or aggressive - in my case, it's just the other way round. Nirvana makes me feel strong, vigorous and invincible, even happy, to be frank. I'm not able to put it into words as great as Kurt himself: "Punk is musical freedom. It's saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster's terms, 'nirvana' means freedom from pain, suffering and the external world, and that's pretty close to my definition of Punk Rock." . I mean, freedom is the thing you should search for in music, shouldn't you?
But the pure music of Nirvana is not the only reason for my current Kurt-Cob-session: in fact, I bought The diaries of Kurt Cobain, which is a book with the collection of diary pages and the German translation (for times when I can't read his handwriting,haha). I think it's amazing to read the diary of another person, especially of a person that interesting as Kurt Cobain! It's like a glimpse inside his head. His writing is extraordinary shocking and wonderful, his letters tell so much about him and the notes for song lyrics are incredible! I'm obsessed, which you can probably tell from the fact that I am hugging a book.

pinterest, tumblr.

YAY for this book and NIRVANA. Isn't he the best? His smile is as lovely as a child's and his voice probably as husky as ... I can't find a comparison, he's too great.

I'm proud of you if you read all that, haha. Well, for those who are here for Fashion,
--> Start reading here.
Needless to say, my outfit is grunge-inspired. Of course I could not resist the urge to wear a flower crown I made this summer. I also wear two shirts - layering extreme. I liked the idea of clashing two different tartan patterns, so I chose a thrifted jacket-shirt-thing in dark green and a shirt a good friend of mine gave me (not forever, sadly. it's so cozy and comfortable and soft and grunge.). And as the ultimate key style of the Grunge era included a lot of flannel tartan shirts, I think they fit the theme quite well! I am wearing one of my favorite T-shirts underneath the layers. It's beautifully printed with the different phases of the moon - I bought it on asos in the men's department for around 10 euros, I think, so it was quite a good deal.
The pants I'm wearing are from Zara (I'm so short, Zara's pants are the only ones fitting me, seriously.) and are high-waisted. I am pretty obsessed with high-waisted jeans, actually! The boots were a gift from my lovely boyfriend last Christmas and are my ultimate go-for on bad days as the holographic texture projects tiny rainbows on your feet and what on earth could make one happier than this?
I also wear my beloved black lipstick and the bracelets I could never put off.

Wow, that was a lot of raving in one post. But how couldn't I?
Anyways, I love connecting music with fashion, so I hope you like this post.

You're wonderful.
Lots of love,